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Corporation Tax Mitigation

A rate of up to 23.75% Corporation Tax is payable on the profits of any company, yet much can be done to reduce this.

When trading via a limited company, a key objective is to reduce corporation tax as far as possible, then to extract these post-tax funds as tax effectively as possible.

Our approach is to regularly review the way you extract profits from your company. For example, in any years where there are significant profits it may be possible to set up an incentive scheme for directors/employees that reduce the taxable profits and eliminates the charge to corporation tax entirely.

“…a key objective is to reduce corporation tax as far as possible”.

There are other perfectly legitimate and frequently employed schemes, which can also be used to reduce Corporation Tax.

Such schemes include the Intangible Assets Regime, Research and Development Tax Credits, The Patent Box, and Substantial Shareholdings Exemption.

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