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University Fees Tax Planning

Reduce your child’s university fees payments by dramatically improving your tax efficiency

The Service

Our University Fees Tax Planning service is a non-aggressive tax saving solution that enables those sending their children to university to dramatically reduce fees, minimizing the burden of debt that your child will have in the future, enabling them to make the most of their opportunities.

The service enables you to make the most of your children’s personal tax allowance by putting income into your children’s names.

The University Fees Tax Planning service will reduce the tax you are paying significantly to enable more of the money you earn to go towards your children’s education than to HM Revenue & Customs.

What Makes us Different?

There are a number of things that make us different and ensure that we have a unique offering for university fees tax planning. These are:

  • We don’t just focus on university fees tax planning – as experienced accountants and tax consultants, we are able to look at the bigger picture of your life, business affairs and family and to find a number of ways to minimise your tax across the board
  • We don’t offer an investment solution – most of the university fees payment solutions on the market are simply investments that enable parents to save for fees. They do not help to make you more tax efficient
  • Our university fees tax planning is non-aggressive – there are a number of ways of minimising tax, from undertaking non-aggressive ways of maximising the tax allowances that everyone gets, to moving funds offshore. Our university fees tax planning service is non-aggressive and there is no stigma or negative association attached to it

Common Customer Objectives

Our customers have a consistent set of objectives on taking this approach including:

  • Wanting to give their children the best in life – many parents work exceptionally hard to provide for their children and take this duty very seriously. We want to help to make this as easy as possible for parents to give their children the best in life and to help parents to spend time with their children rather than just to work to pay university fees
  • Maintaining the standards of their children’s lives – There are pressures on parents for maintaining their children’s standards of living throughout this period
  • Planning ahead – many parents realise that, by planning ahead, they can save significant tax
  • Not wanting to spend more than they should – many of our clients find that they are not planning for tax as efficiently as they should and are thus paying thousands or tens of thousands more in tax each year than they should. Being aware of this means parents are better able to put their hard-earned money into their family, into university fees and into the trips, clothing and other expenses that come along with sending their children to university

How have we helped? Here are some case studies

The Value

There is a significant amount of value in this service and not all of it is financial. The value that we can offer you is:

  • To make the money you invest in education go further – if you send your child to a university that costs £9k per annum for 3 years, you will pay £27,000 per child. Our service could save you £16,000 per child based on these figures. For longer courses, there is an even larger saving
  • Peace of mind – many parents dread the day that the fees come out of the bank account. To know that they can make a significant saving instantly is a massive relief to most parents

The Next Step

If you would like to take things forward then please give us a call on 01664 564 581.

Alternatively, please fill in the contact enquiry form to arrange a free initial conversation. In that conversation we would gather all the necessary details regarding your affairs, we would then prepare a report outlining how we could help to re-structure your affairs and the tax and national insurance savings we would expect to achieve. It is then down to you to decide if you want to take things further.

If you feel you’d like this increasingly popular answer to rising university fees, please contact us to see how we could help.